Letters from the Issue of June 10, 2004

Steel guitars, the Sambo Syndrome, scofflaw politicians, and Scullyís Tavern

Dr. Vance Dean Moulton

Editor's note: See page 89 for a refocused view of Scully's.

My Fairy Tale Come True
Because I don't mind wearing a tutu, the world is now a better place: It was in response to Juan Carlos Rodriguez's article "Slugs for Peace: Fairy to Salve Woes with Quarters" (April 29) that I applied in person for the position of "Coconut Grove Parking Meter Fairy." They needed an extroverted personality with linguistic skills who, above all, could skate for lengthy periods and didn't mind wearing a lilac tutu.

After several meetings and screening sessions, Cynthia Bettner of Best Tourist Publications decided to hire me for the task. My job consists of saving people from getting an upsetting parking ticket in the Grove by plugging the meters with money when they're about to expire. This work for me is incredibly spiritually rewarding; I can honestly say I love it.

All this good is being spread into the cosmos thanks to the kindness of my sponsors, my own good will, and in great part thanks to New Times. I really love you guys.

Xavier Cortes
Kendale Lakes

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