Pay to Play

In this political season, Miami's high-profile campaign contributors favor Republicans and Democrats

Can a weather forecast be, ahem, politically slanted? Is there such a thing as meteorological bias? Kulchur embarked on a rigorous study of Norcross's recent televised forecasts: Did gentle, uplifting winds always seem to blow in from the left? Did property-destroying gales gust in from the right? Were Norcross's predictions of rain always arriving on the eve of a Bush visit?

The results so far have been inconclusive. But ever the dedicated journalist, Kulchur is willing to follow this story all the way through hurricane season. (We smell a Pulitzer!)

A WFOR spokesman curtly informed Kulchur that Norcross preferred not to discuss his political views, but we're pretty sure we could hear a certain weatherman rolling his eyes in the background.

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