Letters from the Issue of June 3, 2004

The Best of Miami backlash is as good as it gets

I am one listener who is determined to have the original weekend edition of "Sounds of the Caribbean" hosted by Ital-K reinstated; anything less than that is unacceptable. I am asking all listeners to let your feelings be known and demand that the show be reinstated! Get involved because there is power in numbers. E-mail info@wlrn.org and ask that your feelings be passed along to station management. Together we can make a difference.

Chuck Sussman

Boca Raton

Best Thanks to the Academy

Also, thanks to my family, my agent, and my personal stylist: I was just informed that I was voted "Best Supporting Actress" in the Best of Miami 2004 issue and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the powers that be for the honor. It is such a blessing to be doing what you love to do for a living in this day and age, but to receive an honor like this makes it all the greater. I am humbled.

Margot Moreland

North Miami Beach

Best Reason to Stop

on the Way Home

A whole new level of take-out: I was thrilled to see the Mercado mentioned as "Best Prepared Food" in the Best of Miami 2004 edition! It is so exciting to see the hard work done by myself and my staff acknowledged! We have the article posted up in the restaurant and I wanted to thank you personally.

Marsha G. Orosco, market chef/director

The Mercado at Mundo

Coral Gables

Best Place to Get Prescription Pharmaceuticals

And we should know: I just wanted to extend my gratitude to New Times for the honorable mention of Midtown Pharmacy and my staff ("Best Pharmacy"). People do not realize how important independent pharmacies and pharmacists really are. We are a part of Americana which many people have just forgotten because America has been Walgreened and CVS'd to death. Midtown and I are the real deal. Independent pharmacy is the real deal. The independent doesn't just see the customer as a number.

I would love to let you know more about what is happening in this part of the healthcare field. You will not get it from a chain pharmacy because it will deny you a story and interview. Regards and thank you so very much.

Robert Novigrod

Miami Beach

Best Discrimination Against More Than Half the Population

Not that we asked them to submit their DNA or anything.... Extensive writeup of eight talented individuals under the Best of Miami's Personal Best, but not one of them is a woman. Women comprise 52 percent of our population, but New Times could not find any to recognize in Personal Best. I am very disappointed to see such bias.

Maria Roberts

South Miami-Dade

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