Today's Students, Tomorrow's Artists

If art education is so important, why so little support?

Louise Romeo: NWSA faculty is intricately connected to today's art scene. Personally, I feel it is vital to their artistic life and their ability to successfully teach our future artists.

Mary Malm: Many of our faculty members are active members in the Miami art community showing regularly at several galleries and independent venues, as well as regionally and nationally. Yes, I think it is important in that they are great examples to the students. They see firsthand the organization, dedication, and hard work it takes to be an artist.

Carol Damian: Yes -- both the artists and art historians are respected for their work and their scholarship and are participants in the academic and community art world. Not only do I think that is important -- it is an obligation, part of their service and academic assignments to maintain the connection and keep up to date, to be a part of what is happening and certainly to understand it in order to communicate to the students.

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