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Algorithm breaks from the Miami rap pack to form GuerillaARC

But faith is hard to come by. With such a diverse demographic, the Miami hip-hop scene is a wild, combative reflection of the city itself. Faust says he tried to hold a community barbecue last year at Biscayne Park in order to bring local players together and create some sort of unity. But this being Miami, the barbecue led to more beef getting placed on the grill. Instead of slugging beers, some of the kats in the crowd were actually throwing punches at each other.

"Motherfuckers will hate on you on purpose!" says Plex, who recently moved back to Miami after a short-lived stint in N.Y.C. "Other cities have their little scenes that's gonna support 'em; there's none of that here. People come here and rape Miami for what they can get and they bounce. At the end of the day, the grassroots organizations can't compete with that big corporate money, or they're not prepared to do what it takes to compete with that. Which is where GuerillaARC comes in -- we're prepared!"

So with a game plan, ample support from manager Tavarez and PR/marketing whiz Bean Pie, and a tight artist roster that includes local brethren such as Mayday (Plex and local MC Bernbiz) and MTV MC Battle II champ Wrekonize, GuerillaARC is amped and ready to start making chess moves. Its first release, Algorithm's debut full-length Dawn of a New Error, hit stores early this year.

Faust declares that, after a decade of bouncing around the rap scene, he's not afraid of failure. "I'm sure we're gonna make our own mistakes," he says. "Even the name of the new Algorithm album is Dawn of a New Error. We've always been making mistakes, but at the end of the day, at least we know it's our fault and we can't point the finger."

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