Letters from the Issue of May 6, 2004

Tallahassee, tips, unsung musicians, and daughterly advice

Beach nightlife is dead, so it's only fitting that these sad, pasty, unhealthy crawlers get nailed in their coffin by the freakiest freak of them all, the white-on-white boy, the oh-so-scary Nicodemus. This is the most press any of them has gotten in years, and they relish the whole can of worms.

These are sad people in a sad and fading industry no one cares about anymore. Washed-up, over-the-hill drag queens; tired old performance artists; and full-of-themselves club managers. People, the Nineties are over. Time to get a real job!

Steven Grossmann

Miami Beach


Seeking Readers

Free weekly stoops to using unsavory tactics: I enjoy reading New Times, but I think the paper has hit a record low in trying to attract readers by printing "The Bitch" prominently on the cover. Using cheap tactics such as this one, which relies on an immature method of drawing attention, is not very becoming of an interesting paper.

Jeff Kamp

Miami Beach

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