Bad Neighbors and Dead Dogs

The county's animal shelter is plagued by old problems, but retaliation would be a new one

The day after Barcelo's dogs were killed, Nekoranec returned to the neighborhood, searching for a third dog he hadn't been able to catch. This time he found four puppies he says had strayed off Barcelo's property. He took them to the shelter and again ticketed Barcelo. Fortunately Barcelo was able to recover those dogs alive.

Barcelo maintains that his two dogs were not wandering loose. "They were not sick," he insists. He believes Nekoranec entered his property to take the animals.

The Miami-Dade Police Department's Cmdr. Linda O'Brien scoffs at those charges. "He's trying to blame Frank Vecin for not taking care of his dogs," she says. "This has nothing to do with Frank Vecin. He just happens to live next door to him." O'Brien and Vecin both say people like Barcelo are irresponsible for not giving their dogs collars and tags, and for allowing them to run loose.

Barcelo's reluctance to discuss the incident has its limits. "How can they kill a dog in less than 24 hours, when the owner calls to say he's coming to pick them up?" he protests angrily. "Something is majorly wrong up there."

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