Letters from the Issue of April 29, 2004

Madcap politicos, hungry crocodiles, and a prescription for the arts

Second, we need to increase exposure to the arts for our adults as well. Expose someone to live music a few times and soon they'll realize just how much fun it is. We can't be satisfied by only having bands in clubs; we need music on the streets, wherever people are. Why is there no free music on Lincoln Road on Friday and Saturday nights? Why do we not have tailgating concerts for the fans before Dolphins or Marlins or Heat games? Lunchtime street art galleries downtown? Street theater on Washington Avenue for all the people in line at crobar? Exposure to art and music and theater will breed desire for that art. (As a very wise man once sang: "One good thing about music is that when it hits, you feel no pain.")

Third, we need better exposure for local artists and musicians. New Times (and that other weekly Str**t) does some good writing about locals, but how about some coverage in the Miami Herald? On the news? And how about more comprehensive listings -- maybe a column every few weeks listing all local acts and their upcoming shows? (I know the Spam Allstars have regular gigs, but I only know when Roberto Poveda or Humbert are playing or what shows Mad Cat has upcoming if I stumble across a notice somewhere. I have no regular spot to go to for comprehensive information.)

Finally, and most important, we need to get off our collective fat asses. Yeah, you get home from work and you're tired. You don't wanna go out and hear a band. You want to go to a club and look for hotties to go home with. Whatever your excuse, I guarantee you will have fun if you make the little extra effort to expand your horizons. Not everything you see will be great, or even good. Not every band will hit a groove, some actor may miss his or her lines, you won't always get a masterpiece by midnight, but more often than not, you will see the face of God, you will lose yourself in the music, you will hear a new tale told well. And, hey, there are plenty of hotties at these things as well.

Errol Portman


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