The Tree of Life is a fertile map of the psychospiritual structure of the universe, which a friend, as a birthday present, tattooed on my upper right arm a couple years back for easy reference. (Another dark obsession?)

The magic rituals I perform are based (with my own variations) on those of the Ordo Templi Orientis and are utilized for the purposes of healing and enlightenment, not to mention lots of playful, diabolical fun. For more, click on Ritual Chamber at my site.

Nicodemus Hammil

Miami Beach

Laughable but Not Funny

Animal Services is no joking matter: Carsie Launey's letter in response to Kirk Nielsen's "Dog Gone" article (March 18) is laughable. It's obvious either she or a family member works at the county's Animal Services facility. She says she didn't observe dozens of animals being euthanized. The euthanasia room is restricted. If she's not an employee, how would she know dozens of animals were or were not being euthanized?

During her visits did she also notice how the animals were not fed and didn't have drinking water? If she was there daily for almost one month, I'm sure she witnessed that. To learn the sad truth about Animal Services, just ask anyone who's dealt with the place. If it's as great as she claims, why is it now under investigation?

Maria Smith


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