Letters from the Issue of April 1, 2004

Foul-mouthed writers, fully trained midwives, and bunched-up panties

We are proud to have been selected by the State of Florida after participating in their rigorous approval process. We intend to provide greater coordination of patient services as well as an emphasis on customer service and outreach programs. In the past, many children did not have access to quality dental care. Atlantic Dental's program in Miami-Dade will be the first of its type in the state and we are working very hard to make sure we provide a model for others to emulate. Our quality-assurance efforts will include detailed systems, specialized computer software, and skilled staff to review and monitor care. Children will be conveniently matched with providers in their area and we welcome any qualified, licensed dentist to join our program.

Leila Chang, chief executive officer

Atlantic Dental

Coral Gables

Q: Want to Know

What's Funny?

A: "BuzzIn" haters whose panties are all bunched up: You know what's even funnier than Humberto Guida's column "BuzzIn"? All the haters who get their panties up in a bunch about it. I've been reading New Times for a few years and love it when the scammers and crooks you guys expose (and their supporters) write in to complain about being exposed.

But what's with these touchy nightlife people complaining about this little column at the end of the paper, defending things like the DanceStar awards of all things? "BuzzIn" is good fun, and often right on the money in its own unique way. When describing the last year of Level, for example, Humberto said it was filled with all the people he bought drugs from in high school. Hey, that line right there makes me a fan. If there's a more accurate description for the makeup of that club's old crowd, I'd like to read it. And what's even funnier is what Humberto is admitting about himself.

The column might be trite, but it's goddamn hilarious. Give it more room.

Ed D. Ponce

Miami Beach

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