Corina Fitch


Baby on the Way?

Here are the reasons you should consider a midwife: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank New Times for the insightful article "Cuts You Up." I feel it will help pregnant women throughout our area realize their full range of birthing options and their very life-giving power. Women of this country need to reexamine our birthing practices. I encourage New Times to investigate our health statistics with reference to maternal and neonatal mortality. We do not rank even in the top twenty nations for these statistics, even though we spend more money per capita on birthing than any other nation in the world. Those who lead in these statistics, those nations with the healthiest outcomes for mothers and babies, have midwives at the center of their obstetrical care.

As a licensed midwife myself, I am enthusiastic about a positive portrayal of our profession. I would like to further point out that we are not just politically militant or spiritually in tune. We are also highly trained medical professionals. Each and every midwife is trained in handling routine prenatal, labor, delivery, postpartum, and newborn care. We are trained to recognize potential complications that would require the intervention of a physician or hospital. We are trained to handle variations of normal situations such as nuchal cords. We are trained in life-saving techniques for managing postpartum hemorrhage and neonatal resuscitation. We work with an interdisciplinary team that often includes an obstetrician and pediatrician as well as lactation consultants and neonatologists when indicated. We carry emergency equipment and medications. We work in conjunction with local fire-rescue when necessary, more often putting them on standby at the scene and later sending them on their way as our experienced teams handle the emergent situation and bring mother and baby to a stable condition.

For those of you out there who still may have reservations about home birth, I would like to assure you that home birth is a safe choice for healthy women expecting a normal pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum, and newborn. Seek out a licensed midwife or one of our myriad satisfied clients and ask about our experiences.

Candace Gyure

Miami Shores

I Was There

And as the photographs showed, it was a great moment: I just finished rereading Celeste Delgado's article on licensed midwifery and home birth. I assisted Corina Fitch at the birth of Haile Durham, Cher and Johnnie's daughter, and I am grateful to Delgado for writing a comprehensive, well-researched piece. It helps get the word out that home birth is a choice for women in South Florida.

I'm glad we decided to let New Times photographer Jonathan Postal into the birthing room. His pictures are exceptional.

I had both my children at home, with midwives, on the Farm in Tennessee. Those births, 28 and 23 years later, remain the high points of my life.

Diane Larson

Cooper City

I Made Andy Warhol Famous

No regrets, but people should know the truth: Thanks to John Anderson for the great article on Paul Morrissey and for getting right to the point ("I Met Andy Warhol at a Really Chic Party," March 11). Paul got a kick out of the story and appreciates journalists who listen and report with, as he puts it, the most important thing of all: humor.

Thanks for helping to set the record straight after 30 years of misconceptions.

Dana Keith, director

Miami Beach Cinematheque

Miami Beach

Norah to Humberto:

Try a New Line of Work

And ease up on the Chupa Chups, okay? It's a shame that Humberto Guida, who writes the "BuzzIn" column, can't seem to find a proper way of expressing himself. (Maybe he should consider quitting his "BuzzIn" job!) For the past several weeks, whether it's the Winter Music Conference or anything related to dance music, Guida's rants on ravers, Chupa Chups lollipops, drugs of choice, local clubs, and DJs are boring. Does he even know anything about dance music? Does he realize the amount of work that's put into a production such as the DanceStar Awards? He sure likes to drop names, but then he calls things "sloppy" for no apparent reason.

One more thing: The BBC Radio 1 and Cooljunkie party isn't a "techno" affair. This annual event brings together stellar international talent from across the board: live acts and performances in several dance-music subgenres such as house, trance, and progressive house, to name a few. That is hardly techno.

Now I understand why people like Louis Puig (Club Space owner) detest local media. It's because of people like Humberto Guida. I'll give Guida one piece of advice: Appreciate your local industry people instead of "whoring yourself out to dance music." He might learn a thing or two while he's at it.

Norah Salazar


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