Letters from the Issue of March 18, 2004

Civic demons, bad dentistry, and hip-hop culture crash

Sometime in the future hip-hop will balance itself and there will be viable markets for all these different styles and viewpoints. Until then we'll keep "walking through the darkness, holdin' our torches."

Jason J. Crespo


Posers Beware

Janelle has a word for you: Sorry it took me so long to write this but I just wanted to see if any of the head honchos over there at New Times noticed how Kris Conesa's article about the commercialization of the (now-expensive) Marley Festival ("Who the Cap Fit," February 5) influenced the other publications in our fair city. The Herald ran articles in the business and weekend sections saying the exact same stuff as Conesa, with that Herald conservatism spin we all know and love. (That was sarcasm!)

Anyway, just wanted to say: Kudos to Kris Conesa and New Times for staying ahead of the game and fuck those other posers trying to emulate the best.

Janelle Sola



Owing to a reporting error in "Information Society" by John Anderson (March 4), Smile Faucet was incorrectly described as a design studio. It is a seasonal video magazine. New Times regrets the error.

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