Soft and Wet

Soft Pink Truth breaks the grip of shame

The word "party" can mean so many things. Saying that you "like to party" could mean that you enjoy attending get-togethers with your friends. It might also be a sign that you're down to swap sexual partners or purchase narcotics, depending on the conversation. No doubt Drew Daniel, one-half of San Francisco duo Matmos, is aware of these connotations when he's working solo under the moniker Soft Pink Truth and making records like the left-field house classic Do You Party?

Daniel describes the music of Soft Pink Truth as being saturated in late-Seventies and early-Eighties gay disco. "I was punk rock in high school," he says. "And I was a closet case so I associated gayness with bad taste in music, specifically with bad dance music. So the idea is that me, growing up and being, like, a gay man making disco, is shameful. It's a good thing to work through. It usually means there's some pleasure and attraction to something that you're also embarrassed by." These so-called "shame sounds" are carefully splintered and processed so that only the sexiest, most decadent bits remain. It's also worth noting that Soft Pink Truth drops shout-outs to classical composer Erik Satie and Prince-blessed girl group Vanity 6 within these micro-edited grooves.

When the crew at local electronic empire Schematic throws a party like Swamp Thing -- where Soft Pink Truth is scheduled to perform -- it can also mean many things. In this instance, house minimalist Matthew Dear will round out the dance-friendly side of the spectrum while Schematic favorites Otto Von Schirach and Richard Devine cater to the spasm-friendly crowd. Dabrye, Ectomorph, DJ Aura, and a handful of others will fill out the middle nicely, meaning that whether you're in search of camaraderie, physical gratification, or altered states, Swamp Thing should fulfill your party-oriented expectations.


Swamp Thing takes place on Sunday, March 7, at I/O Lounge. See listings for more info.

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