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Ted Lucas says forget what you heard, Slip-N-Slide Records loves the kids

When Trina called herself "the baddest bitch," she gave you the down South point of view. I think that if you had no more female rappers come out, I would say that she closed the door on that chapter. But she really opened the door to make Khia ("My Neck, My Back") and Jacki-O have the opportunity now.

I guess, from my perspective, it seems that all Trina talks about is sex. Do you feel like, while her success allows other female MCs to come into the game, at the same time, all that female MCs can talk about to be successful is sex?

Let me make it like this here: Sex sells. They use it in the movies every day. Trina is a gorgeous young lady and, honestly, she's not the best rapper, so she had to take advantage of what the music business gave to her. It's like people want to see J.Lo. She talks about how sexy and pretty she is. She might not gonna be as dirty with it as Trina, but she talk about herself. Trina just didn't hold nothing back. She took it to rated XXXXX, as far you can go with it.

Ted Lucas: One of many faces of Miami hip-hop
Jonathan Postal
Ted Lucas: One of many faces of Miami hip-hop

She has positive songs on her album, too. But every time we try and make some of the more positive music -- like Trick done made some of the more positive music -- the audience, the kids that's buying records ... you can put those songs on your album but those aren't the songs that are going to sell your album.

I've been impressed by Trick Daddy because he's not only a thug, but because he talks about all the other things that give context to the fact that he's a thug. You see his whole life.

I think that both points get across, because we have people call for those types of songs ... the ones where he'll talk about the president, where he'll talk about growing up poor in the neighborhood and how you can get off welfare. Like "Thug Holiday." He definitely gives a more overall point of view. They might classify him and see him that way, as a thug, but they know that he can bring it from another [perspective]. Politics, whatever it is, he knows what he's talking about.

On a lot of songs, Trick tries to help the kids, tell them don't make the same mistakes he done made. A lot of his records, you heard me? When Trick says he loves the kids, he really means that. He got about four songs on his upcoming album that are directed to young kids that are talking about "get your life together." In fact he just visited Cutler Ridge Junior High School earlier today; he had a meet-and-greet with the kids.

Obviously Trick had a lot of legal problems last year. What's his situation like right now?

Trick has been truly blessed, man. I'm a tell you something. God blessed him. A lot of prayers were answered, you know. All these legal battles are behind him now. He's going in a new direction, he's doing things, and he's staying out of trouble.

Is he still on house arrest?

No, he's off house arrest. All that's been resolved now, so we got that behind us. He's just now working on his new album and going forward. He got a new record out, Trick and Tupac ("Old School" remix).

He's just working, man. It was a little wake-up call, and I think he got over that hump now, and he's going in the right direction.

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