Letters from the Issue of February 19, 2004

Murder, the Marleys, and Murray’s film dubbers

If you have never been to a Bob Marley Festival, you really need to go. You will walk away a better person for it. We are all people of differences, and we all should be grateful to have the freedom to choose.

And let's not forget the artists who travel, who go from city to city and work long hours to give us that great performance. Big up to all the Marleys and Cedella Booker Marley for being healthy and alive to carry on Bob's remembrance. He helped so many and took so little. Bless to all who still support the Marleys.

Darla Dimmitt

Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania

To All the Film Dubbers We've Known and Loved

Thanks for the Murray memories: I want to congratulate Michael Yockel on his wonderful and extremely well-written (and accurate) story about K. Gordon Murray ("Miami's B-Movie Mogul," January 29). It was a pleasure to talk with him and relive those times.

Did anyone ever mention that other TV horror show host on Channel 7? His real name was Charley Baxter but his hosting name was M.T. Graves. I've always loved that. And New Times photographer Jonathan Postal was great too. He captured the real Paul Nagel.

We're sending the article to all the film dubbers we know who are still alive. Both of 'em!

Marge Nagel


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