Letters from the Issue of February 12, 2004

Would Bob Marley have paid $28 admission to the Bob Marley Festival?

Those are my two cents. If I had the opportunity to speak with his family members, who run the show, I would like to tell them that they are driving away the true Rastas.

Steven "Stux" Ruiz


Attention All

Brainiac Maniacs

If B-movies are the plan, K. Gordon Murray is your man: I just wanted to let New Times know I greatly enjoyed Michael Yockel's story about K. Gordon Murray, "Miami's B-Movie Mogul," as the headline put it (January 29). It was an admirably thorough and thoroughly admirable job!

Under the byline The Phantom of the Movies, I write for several papers and publish VideoScope: The Ultimate Genre-Video Guide (www.videoscopemag.com), half the year in Miami Beach, half in New Jersey, our official base. Among our readers are many Murray fans, and in particular Brainiac buffs. I also reviewed a few KGM flicks in my most recent book, The Phantom of the Movies' VideoScope (Random House).

Murray's Shanty Tramp is definitely an indelible viewing experience.

Joe Kane


Miami Beach

Seth? Call Him

Courteous and Honest

And don't let envy cloud your judgment: After reading Humberto Guida's story about celebrity photographer Seth Browarnik, I don't understand why there should be any negative focus ("Paparazzi Propaganda," January 15). The club owners are the ones who choose who is allowed into their clubs with a camera. A club owner would want a good relationship between his patrons and photographers. Nobody wants to be hassled or embarrassed by a photographer.

There is a need for courtesy and trust involving a photographer or journalist. It appears Seth has been able to provide these appreciated characteristics. It also appears that there are a few envious people out there who cannot come to terms with the fact that courtesy and honesty are greatly appreciated.

Jeff Kamp


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