The Calvo Case

A recently released report suggests that investigators are trying to implicate Denise Calvo in the murder of her husband

Michael Miller: "I don't know who [Miles Jennings] is. I don't know where that comes from." Miller does note that he has in fact heard rumors of promiscuity.

Miles Jennings, Jr., 49-year-old owner of M.C. Jennings, Jr., Construction in Coconut Grove, learned his name was in the FDLE report while watching television two weeks ago.

Jennings: "My daughter and I happened to be watching the news. We were talking, having a little family moment, bonding. And I said, 'Let me watch the news,' because she was watching Charmed or something. I said, 'Let's watch the news. Let's see what's going on.' And all of a sudden -- it was just shocking. I don't know, I just thought that was in such poor taste. One of my subcontractors, he mentioned it last week. He said, 'You got free publicity!' That was crazy! He said, 'Man, who's your cousin?' I've got so many relatives. Which cousin? A man by the name of Miles Jennings, his cousin is 'doing' someone? For a lack of a better term, that is so ghetto."

The murder of José Calvo has thrust his wife Denise 
into the glare of the police spotlight
Courtesy of WPLG-TV (bottom)
The murder of José Calvo has thrust his wife Denise into the glare of the police spotlight

They said that there were a couple of rumors they had heard that were circulating in the Grove. One was that Anthony Lee had been cared for after being shot by some ladies in the Grove area. Another rumor is that Lee was at the house to collect for drug money owed to him.

The Millers said that a person who needs to be interviewed is a neighbor Larry Burns.

Michael Miller: "There is no Larry Burns, as far as I know. I don't know a Larry Burns. Grant doesn't know a Larry Burns. I think they put together Larry Tanaka and John Burns." (John Burns is the husband of Gloria Burns, executive director of the Coral Gables Community Foundation.)

The neighbors are saying that they had seen Lee and his mother at the Calvo's house before.

They had heard that Denise Calvo was at Lee's mother's house on the day of the shooting.

The divorce file from José Calvo should be reviewed.

The Millers deny saying any of this.

Denise Calvo's first husband is John Bernard.

Grant Miller: "They talked, we listened. Who her first husband was? It was all wrong. That was what they were saying." Florida marriage records indicate that Denise's first husband was James Richard Frisch.

José Calvo gave a house to the "Coral Gables Foundation." They said that Gloria Burns of that foundation was very found [sic] of José Calvo. She and her husband, John Burns, would have a lot to say. They would know about a relationship Denise Calvo had with Patrick E Sessions and about a problem Denise Calvo and José Calvo had when José Calvo found that Denise Calvo had a person in her bedroom at their apartment.

Michael Miller: "I heard the story probably four years ago. And again I don't know that it's true. I guess there are only a couple people who know for sure."

Patrick Sessions, whose daughter Tiffany vanished in 1989 while jogging at the University of Florida, did not respond to a request for comment. Gloria Burns also did not return calls.

A copy of the notes from the interview with Grant and Michael Miller has been forwarded to Lead Investigator S/A Mullen.

Michael Miller says he provided some positive information about Denise that didn't make it into Coffey and Burke's report. For example: "She was our top salesman here for many years. Many, many years. Highly successful in whatever she did. Active in the Coconut Grove [Chamber of Commerce]. But that didn't assist them. And I just have to tell you, I think if they had evidence of a crime she was involved in, they would have already charged her."

His brother Grant concurs: "Here's the thing that's bizarre -- they got the shooter. If there's anything else why haven't they charged anybody? They want her. I mean he hasn't flipped, if he had something on her. That's the thing that's bizarre to me."

According to Michael Miller, Coffey and Burke did not ask him whether he suspected that Denise Calvo conspired with Anthony Craig Lee in the murder of her husband. Had they asked, he would have dismissed the conspiracy theory with this: "Would she do that with her son in the car? Would she even think about that? This girl is really protective. This girl, if she likes you, she'll physically defend you from an intruder. And she would not let anything happen to this kid. And to set up an arrangement -- I don't care if it was even a robbery -- it's impossible for me to fathom that she would have anything to do with that. And I feel bad for her."

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