The Calvo Case

A recently released report suggests that investigators are trying to implicate Denise Calvo in the murder of her husband

Grant Miller: "Unfortunately we all watch TV. That's all hearsay. Who's Nelson Rios?"

Nelson Rios: "I did see the car that this Lee person used. I was outside in the middle of the street when it happened. But I did not witness the shooting. Everything else about changing the story, stuff like that -- that is not true. That is a complete lie. She did not do that at all. She came to my house after everything that happened. Yeah, definitely. And we spoke. But she did not say anything about changing my story at all."

Rios declines to disclose details of his conversation with Denise Calvo. "I don't want to talk about it anymore," he says. "I'm just going to stop the conversation right here. If I'm called to testify I want to make sure I have my story together. And I'm not going to add or subtract from it. I'm going to say what happened, what I saw."

The murder of José Calvo has thrust his wife Denise 
into the glare of the police spotlight
Courtesy of WPLG-TV (bottom)
The murder of José Calvo has thrust his wife Denise into the glare of the police spotlight

He says he is not a friend of Denise and has always maintained a distance from his neighbors. "I didn't know her at all," he reports. "I know she lived down the street, that was it. Like I told the police, I keep my neighbors very far away from me. The less I know the better. If I see something going on, I call the police, but I will not get involved."

Attorney Joseph Rosenbaum: "[Denise's] conversation with Nelson was about a week after the homicide. It was about the car that Lee was in. I think he saw the car, and I think she had questioned him about the car. She was trying to figure out what happened."

They said that Denise Calvo had a very bad temper and had been involved in several problems related to road rage.

Michael Miller said that he had spoken with Denise Calvo at the wake for José Calvo. During the conversation she said, "I had to shoot him."

Michael Miller: "She said that. That's correct."

It was Michael Miller's impression that she was talking about José Calvo not Anthony Craig Lee.

Michael Miller: "No. When she said she had to shoot him, the only person I was aware of that she was shooting at was the bad guy."

Michael Miller said that Denise Calvo had told him about meeting Lee's mother years ago.

Michael Miller: "What I said was, years ago Denise had told me about a black lady she met in Coconut Grove and that she was helping this lady. I never met the lady. Denise never spoke to me after the shooting and said, 'By the way, you know the shooter's mother is' -- whatever she was doing with her. My feeling is they [Coffey and Burke] put the whole hour together, just sort of threw it together, and said, 'Is this what they said?' There are little bits of truth in there. And then they sort of built it the way they wanted to."

He said that many people think that Denise Calvo was purchasing drugs from the mother as well as Lee.

Grant Miller and Michael Miller said that they have some neighborhood men who act as unofficial security for their business. One of those men, who they said they did not want to reveal, told them some time ago that Denise Calvo had showed him a handgun that she kept in her handbag.

The Millers don't dispute this summation by the FDLE agents. More important to the murder case, however, is the weapon Denise used to shoot Anthony Lee. That gun remains shrouded in mystery. "They [detectives] have not to this point released any information on that gun for some reason," says the Miami Police Department's Delrish Moss. "They have the information. They know what type of gun it is. They know who it's registered to. They just haven't released it yet."

During the September 26 search of the Calvo residence, MPD detectives and FDLE agents confiscated a handgun -- a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson -- from a desk drawer. In Florida it is legal to keep a gun in the home; no permit or license is required. But to legally carry that gun outside -- in a purse or under the seat of a Mercedes-Benz -- a concealed-weapon permit is mandatory. Neither Denise nor José Calvo had such a permit at the time of the murder, according to the state agency that issues them. Records show that José Calvo applied for a permit in July 2003, but the application was returned because he'd failed to include his occupation, as required by law.

They said that she had been a very promiscuous person and had sex with many people, both male and female. She and José Calvo were also involved in some multiple partner relationships. They said that she was also having sex with some of the people she was obtaining drugs from in the Grove.

Grant Miller: "That's what they [Coffey and Burke] are saying. They're trying to entangle us."

They said that a man by the name of Miles Jennings in the Grove had a cousin who was "doing her."

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