The Calvo Case

A recently released report suggests that investigators are trying to implicate Denise Calvo in the murder of her husband

They said that Denise Calvo had many relationships with married men who were in the car sales business and these were people she got advertising from.

She also had many other relationships. One of the people Denise Calvo had a relationship with is Bill Sidel [sic].

Grant Miller: "Bill Seidle? He's 80! We were friends with [car dealer] Bill Seidle. These are things that they [Coffey and Burke] said."

The murder of José Calvo has thrust his wife Denise 
into the glare of the police spotlight
Courtesy of WPLG-TV (bottom)
The murder of José Calvo has thrust his wife Denise into the glare of the police spotlight

Michael Miller: "That stuff about Bill Seidle -- I can't believe they put that in the same paragraph! Most of her business was from car dealers. They [Coffey and Burke] said, 'Well, what kind of car dealers bought ads?' So we started naming [them] -- which is very public information -- including Bill Seidle, who bought ads for many many years. So they put it in the same paragraph. I can't believe they started it by saying 'sexual affairs' and then moved on to saying she had a relationship with Bill. I have no reason to believe that ever occurred."

She was dating a former Metro police officer by the name of Larry Tanaka for some time in the past. That relationship ended badly Denise Calvo calling his house and making threats.

Michael Miller: "She was dating [him]. He was another car dealer. Everybody knew that." Tanaka did not respond to a request for comment.

Grant Miller and Michael Miller said that Denise Calvo had drug problems for many years. They feel that she was using cocaine. She was off the drugs for quite a while. About 5 years ago she started back using them. She was arrested in 2001.

One of the advertising accounts with whom she had a personal relationship was a person from the Miami-Dade County School Board, John Maffie [sic]. They said that she was taking advertisements from him for the paper. The school board was supposed to pay the paper for the ads. When the bills were not paid the paper called the school board and was told that they had paid "Supreme Advertising." When the bills were investigated they found that Denise Calvo had been adding more money to the amount owed and having the check sent to her by Maffie instead of the paper. Maffie was eventually transferred to a lower job with the school system as a result.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesman Mayco Villafaña confirms that as an adult-education administrator John Moffi (not Maffie) wrote school-district checks to Denise, but adds: "He wasn't transferred because of this issue."

Moffi: "I'm not commenting."

The Millers say they were not the source of information about John Moffi.

José Calvo owed approximately $10,000.00 to the paper for advertising.

Michael Miller: "It was not $10,000. It was a much smaller amount. A few thousand dollars. But he was a customer for years and years and years and years and years. And even after he closed Angel Buick, he advertised some other automotive place he had. And there was some stuff that was tied up with General Motors and all that. So at the end of the day he owed us a couple thousand dollars. It was not irrelevant but pretty close to it. I mean, he spent thousands of dollars a month and was a good customer for many years. And it made Denise very happy."

General Motors also closed his car dealership because he wasn't paying his bills. They said that José Calvo owed everyone money. He had some property, which he leased from a person who is a commissioner in the Gables. He never paid his lease for that property.

Michael Miller says he had heard these things, but does not know if they are true.

José Calvo owed the Orange Bowl Committee $25,000.00

Michael Miller: "There were lots of rumors and that was certainly one of them. I don't know if it's true."

A neighbor by the name of Nelson is also a witness. They heard through a third person, a gay neighbor by the name of Leslie, that Denise Calvo had tried to get Nelson to change his story.

According to the Millers, a day or two after the murder of José Calvo, Denise Caligiuri Calvo allegedly learned that the Miami police interviewed her neighbor Nelson LNU [last name unknown]. It was further alleged by the Millers that upon learning of this Denise confronted Nelson stating, in effect, that he did not see the perpetrator driving by the Calvo residence on the day of and prior to the murder. The Millers stated that Nelson and Leslie saw the Calvos come and go from their residence on the day of the shooting. In the time between when they left and when they returned Nelson and Leslie saw Lee's vehicle driving by the residence.

The Millers say they do not know "Leslie," nor did they mention anyone by that name during the interview. In fact the brothers deny making any of the above allegations. They claim Coffey and Burke themselves made the allegations about Denise, Nelson, and "Leslie." The Millers say they merely acknowledged hearing similar rumors.

Michael Miller: "What I saw was on TV, which was a neighbor who was interviewed and also, I had heard, gave a report to the police."

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