The Calvo Case

A recently released report suggests that investigators are trying to implicate Denise Calvo in the murder of her husband

The third report centered on Denise is startling. It is an 1100-word narrative account of an interview conducted by FDLE Special Agent Supervisor John Coffey and Special Agent Ed Burke this past October. The interview took place at the South Miami offices of Community Newspapers, publisher of fourteen local papers that circulate from Homestead to Aventura. The interview subjects were brothers Grant and Michael Miller, president and vice president of the company, respectively. (Grant oversees business operations while Michael acts as editor-in-chief.) Why question the Millers? Because Denise Calvo has been selling advertising for them on a full-time or part-time basis since the mid-Eighties.

The Millers say they were surprised to learn early in the interview that Coffey was quite familiar with Denise's family. Coffey told them he was among the law-enforcement agents who in 1986 arrested Denise's father, Michael Angelo Caligiuri, along with several other members of a drug-distribution ring. Federal prosecutors claimed the Brooklyn native was a member of New York's Gambino organized-crime family and part of a syndicate that sold cocaine and most of the counterfeit Quaaludes on the underground market in the Eighties.

Caligiuri was convicted in Miami federal court in 1988 and sentenced to twelve years for racketeering and cocaine possession with intent to distribute. Rather than send him immediately to prison, Judge Kenneth Ryskamp granted him a few days' freedom to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary. Caligiuri fled. Nine years later authorities finally captured him in Virginia. The Millers believe agents were tracking Denise and that she may have unwittingly revealed her father's location by visiting him at one of his hideouts.

From the top: The Lee family home; the Calvos' 
residence and murder scene on Crawford Avenue
Jonathan Postal (top and bottom)
From the top: The Lee family home; the Calvos' residence and murder scene on Crawford Avenue
Verneka Lee; above; at top, son and murder suspect 
Anthony Craig Lee
Verneka Lee; above; at top, son and murder suspect Anthony Craig Lee

"John Coffey is the person who arrested her father," Grant Miller says. "Of all the FDLE agents, how is that happening? Isn't that a little bizarre?"

When the Millers recently read the FDLE report representing their remarks, they were stunned. And angered. Statements they did not make were attributed to them, they allege. Things they did say were omitted. "It was riddled with errors, the whole thing," Michael Miller complains. "I realized these guys are totally incompetent as note-takers. If they were reporters, they'd be fired!"

Miller speculates that the report may be the work of a "bitter" FDLE agent. "My belief is that [Coffey] is on a hunt," he says. "He got her father, who then screwed the justice system by taking off."

Adds Grant Miller: "So he's after her now."

It's understandable that the Millers might wonder whether agents Coffey and Burke were pursuing some kind of vendetta, for the report reads like an indictment of Denise Calvo's character, a concerted effort to gather and disseminate as much dirt as possible.

The FDLE agents' report also ascribes to the Millers two explosive allegations: that Denise pressured a neighbor to deny he saw the killer drive by the Calvo residence before the shooting, and that Denise actually admitted to Michael Miller she participated in her husband's murder. The Millers assert they never made such allegations. Coffey and Burke would not comment.

Following is the entire FDLE report drawn from Coffey and Burke's hour-long interview of the Miller brothers. The text is interspersed with responses New Times compiled last week. Grant Miller declined to comment on most of the report, dismissing it as hearsay. His brother Michael, interviewed separately, was more forthcoming. The verbatim FDLE text appears in italics.


This investigative report pertains to the ongoing investigation related to the robbery / homicide of José Calvo.

On October 17, 2003 at approximately 10:30 AM S/A Ed Burke and SAS John Coffey met with the owners of the Miami Community Newspapers at their office. The office is located at 6792 SW 62 Ave., Miami, Florida. The owners are Grant Miller and Michael Miller.

The following are notes from the conversation:

Denise Calvo worked for Grant Miller and Michael Miller since she was 17 years old. She worked collecting advertising from various businesses to run in the community newspaper. At first she worked directly for the paper and after some years she began doing some advertising business on her own and some for the paper.

Grant Miller: "If you really read it closely, you go, seventeen? She worked here at seventeen? Why would we say that? She wasn't here at seventeen."

Michael Miller: "She's been associated with us for seventeen years. She was a senior in college when she started here. Or maybe she had just graduated."

Denise Calvo finally opened her own business called "Supreme Advertising." She still did some work with the paper as well. Her business was in Coral Gables. The business got broken into a few years ago. Some computer equipment was stolen. The person(s) who broke in also urinated in some files. They think a police report was made on the incident.

The Millers went on to provide background information from their knowledge and point of view. Some of the information they related to S/A Burke and SAS Coffey pertained to possible drug use by Denise Calvo. It also pertained to rumors they had heard related to her associations with various people.

Michael Miller: "Denise was highly productive here for the years when she worked. She was extremely productive. She has, I think, a small ad agency. She physically left the place here about five years ago and opened up her own agency and an office. Then I think after she closed that, she operated out of her house. And she would go out and get business. And we had a good relationship with her and her clients. And I know for a long time she did cable [advertising]. I went to her house once for twenty minutes about two years ago and once about twelve or fifteen years ago. I had dinner with her once. And occasional lunches. I never socialized with her or with José. And that's just the way it was."

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