The Art of Urban

Wynwood galleries reflect the hood they live in

I left with visions of a mixed-media hangover and the possibility of waking up with a strange piece of art over the couch dancing in my head.

"Wreck," at the Rectangle ArtSpace, was the least-hyped stop on the evening's itinerary, quite literally living up to its billing. Organized by "curator" Tall Rickards, the event seemed like an outtake from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, with people playing hopscotch in the parking lot to avoid stepping in a vomit bomb and dodging a skateboard kamikaze sporting rose-colored beer goggles. And although I arrived late and wove through a couple of fights while inside in the quest of the alternative, I had difficulty accessing the artwork in this dimly lit rabbit's warren, which was more about the rave than the art when I visited.

When I went back to interview the organizers a couple of days later and get a better look at the work, most of it had been taken down, even though "Wreck" was supposed to be up through the 31st of January. My parting glance at Trickster came when I walked into a room full of people working on computers in what is to be the art space, which I was now being told officially opens in March. My observation to the organizers, who seemed earnest in their intent and apologetic during the interview, and who saw me off in a very civilized way, is to remember that our species is often defined by those who study Trickster as "the animal who laughs because it hurts."

Charo Oquet's installation centers the World Arts 
Building show
Charo Oquet's installation centers the World Arts Building show

"Dirty South" Group show through January 31 at the World Arts Building, 2214 N Miami Ave; 305-962-4754.

"Urban Recipes" Group show through February 28 at Rocket Projects, 3440 N Miami Ave; 305-576-6082.

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