Miguel and the Money Man

Norman Braman joins the Diaz de la Portilla mayoral campaign -- despite that unpleasant gay-rights thing

"I think the major area we need to concern ourselves with for this election is the quality of government," he countered. "If you look at Miguel's record on the commission for all those years, you will see he was never a part of that crowd of lobbyists, that crowd of power pushers who've been running this county for years. "

Playing devil's advocate, Kulchur suggested a meeting with Jimmy Morales. After all, Morales's record on the dais is just as firm on civic reform as Diaz de la Portilla's -- and Morales is a long-time supporter of the gay community.

"Either of the two would make a superb mayor, but I've known Miguel longer" -- they worked together in opposing Penelas's 1999 transportation-tax measure -- "and he stands a better chance of evicting this crowd of lobbyists."

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla: Some of my best friends 
have friends who are gay
Steve Satterwhite
Miguel Diaz de la Portilla: Some of my best friends have friends who are gay

With your influence behind him, he sure does. But if Morales and Diaz de la Portilla are both equally committed to rooting out corruption at county hall and the airport, why not back the candidate who also supports gay rights?

"Miguel's not interested in upsetting the balance of the community," Braman insisted. "I think he was wrong on the gay issue, but" -- Braman began chuckling -- "I also have some fundamental disagreements with my wife and we've been married for 48 years! I'm not divorcing anyone here."

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