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Beatriz Arencibia ("Bozenka")



Why publish an article that tears us down? Having been a theater technician, a writer, and most recently a belly-dance student, I was appalled at Rebecca Wakefield's "In the Belly of the Best." It is absolutely discouraging to see what could have been a potential upswing for the community instead come crashing down owing to biased and degrading writing.

First things first: Shame on New Times for publishing an article that contained slander. It was also incompletely researched and seemed to be a promotional tool for Tamalyn Dallal and her dance school. If that was the intention, the article should have been featured in "Kulchur" or the arts section of the paper.

Shame also on Rebecca Wakefield for writing an article better suited to angst-ridden teenagers than to readers seeking education. "In the Belly of the Best" was focused on mudslinging and controversy. I heard from some of those interviewed that Ms. Wakefield fed them negative comments to demean other dancers. True ladies refrain from this and talk about others' differences -- not others' faults.

And shame on Tamalyn Dallal for choosing to scathe the reputations of other dancers in South Florida. Readers were not informed that some of the teachers being bashed were in fact previously her students. This is not professional. The entertainment industry does not look kindly on those who gossip and devalue. Community is about lifting each other up. Creating rifts for the sake of press gets old.

One educates by example, so students beware if this is the example you want!

Barbara Lang


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