Before the Bulldozer Bites

Developers circle a swath of land in Homestead as a familiar face reappears in the guise of a real estate lobbyist

The CDC project is a fitting way for Shiver to begin his post-county career. During his years as a politician, Shiver has proven that he can work both sides of an issue, regularly handing out lucrative government contracts to his friends and campaign contributors while keeping the voters happy with the results. As CDC's Urra points out, "I have found that whenever someone has contacts and relationships, we've been able to work together and produce win-wins."

At the end of the workshop, Homestead City Council members asked for more time to look closely at the CDC proposal and to assess Landstar's counteroffers. Shiver and the CDC consultants stepped through the back door of city hall, shook hands, and exchanged pleasantries. The CDC team immediately sought his input. But with a reporter near, he shook them off. "We'll talk," he said, and he walked away.

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