A Shot in the Dark

Who did Mario Barcia think he was aiming at when he shot a cop?

Operator: Right.

Barcia: And I see a flashlight in the back at the same time. I go, 'What the hell is going on here?' So I reach for my gun. I go, I go out my bedroom door, and I see these guys trying to kick my door down. So I go, I scare 'em, and they're still kicking, trying to kick the door down.

Operator: Do you have any description? So when you fired the shot you actually hit someone? Is there somebody

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Barcia: I shot towards outside just to hit the glass to scare 'em like at an angle but I guess I hit one of the guys because there was two of them: one of them with a yellow shirt and one in a white shirt. And one of the guys hit the floor. And then the other guy kept like coming at me, and I don't know if he fired something at me

Operator: Well, the only reason I'm asking is 'cause if there's somebody shot in your back yard we need to get somebody out there

Barcia: Well, there's cops already back there.

Operator: Oh, they're already in your back yard?

Barcia: Yeah. I don't know whether to open the door or not.

Operator: Well, they haven't told me that they're ready to speak with you yet.

Barcia: But did they catch somebody?

Operator: I don't know. I don't know.

Barcia: I don't know. I got scrapes. I don't know what, from the glass or from what. I don't know if they fired back at me or what. [pause] But they were trying, right in front of me.

Operator: I'm sorry hon'?

Barcia: They were right in front of me. There are [unintelligible] in the backyard.

Operator: They're in the backyard? Alright, I'm going to hang up. Let me just have your name and your phone number and I'll have the road supervisor give you a call.

Barcia: Okay. Mario Barcia. Okay my phone number is 3-0-5 9-7-1 19-44.

Operator: Okay. I'm going to have the road supervisor call you.

Barcia: Thank you.

Operator: Alright.

12:51 a.m. -- call ends.

12:44 a.m. -- call begins.

Operator: Miami-Dade County Police and Fire Rescue where is your emergency?

Rebustillo: [unintelligible] 9-4-1, please hurry up.

Operator: Okay. Say that again.

Rebustillo: 1-1-9-4-1 Southwest 2-0-8 Terrace. Hello?

Operator: Okay. I'm still here. 2-0-8 Terrace.

Rebustillo: Yes, please.

Operator: 1-1-9-2-1 Southwest 2-0-8 Terrace. is that an apartment or a house?

Rebustillo: [screaming] 1-1-9-4-1!

Operator: 1-1-9-2-0-1

Rebustillo: [screaming] 1-1-9-4-1!!!! Yeah? [crying audible in the background]

Operator: Okay, stay with me.

Rebustillo: Hello, please.

Operator: Yeah, stay with me. What's the phone number you're calling with, from?

Rebustillo: Uh, 3-0-5, uh 3-3-6 8-1-0-0.

Operator: 3-0-5 3-3-6 8-1-0-0. Okay, what's the problem? Tell me exactly what happened.

Rebustillo: I don't know, I heard gun shots. Please sir [unintelligible]

Operator: Okay, you gotta help me here.

Rebustillo: 1-1-9-4-1 Southwest, baby relax [to Hart]. I don't know what's going on.

Operator: What else did you hear?

Rebustillo: I just heard gunshots. Get down. Get down [to Hart]!

Operator: Okay.

Rebustillo: Get down baby [to Hart]. Hello?

Operator: Yes, I'm here.

Rebustillo: Yes.

Operator: Okay, stay on the line with me. What's your name sir?

Rebustillo: My name, uh, my name is Fernando.

Operator: Okay. The police are already on the way. Okay, stay with me on the line.

Rebustillo: Okay.

Operator: You're going to tell me what's going

Rebustillo: I don't know what's going on.

Operator: Okay. Alright. We already sent police sir.

Rebustillo: Okay.

Operator: Okay, I'm going to hang up now. Thank you.

Rebustillo: [to someone else] Did you shoot somebody?

12:46 a.m. -- call ends.

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