A Shot in the Dark

Who did Mario Barcia think he was aiming at when he shot a cop?

Mercedes: 'Cause they just woke us up.

Operator: I know.

Mercedes: They were really slamming the door in the back.

Jonathan Postal
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Operator: Stay on the phone with me.

Mercedes: Yes?

Operator: You don't have any weapons do you?

Mercedes: My husband. He has a gun.

Operator: He had a gun. And what did he do with the gun?

Mercedes: [crying] He fired it through the window.

Operator:Your husband fired the gun through the window?

Mercedes: Yes.

Operator: Stay on the phone with me. I have the police on the way.

Mercedes: Okay.

Operator: He fired it through the window?

Mercedes: Through the sliding, through the sliding, through the French door window. [pause; crying] Okay, the cops are here.

Operator: Tell your husband to put the gun down.

Mercedes: Yeah, he has.

Operator: Is he talking to the police now?

Mercedes: He took the clip off. It's on top of the table.

Operator: Alright, is he talking with the police now?

Mercedes: No, no. He's right next to me.

Operator: Okay. I need you to stay on the phone with me. Are the police at your door?

Mercedes: Ah, maybe. No, they went through the back. You can see the cars, the lights through he back.

[Voices audible in the background.]

Operator: Who's he [Barcia] talking to?

Mercedes: We have some other people staying with us here.

Operator: Oh, okay. [Voice audible in the background; Mercedes drops phone] Hello?

Mercedes: Yes, yes.

[pause; Barcia, "I don't know. I don't know. I opened the door..."]

Mercedes: Should he open the door?

Operator: Are the police at your house?

Mercedes: Are the police outside? [To Barcia, "They're outside?"]

Operator: Oh, wait. I'm going to tell you when the police get there to, you can step out.

Mercedes: Okay. [Barcia, "Two guys trying to break in our house..."]

Operator: Uh, ma'am?

Mercedes: Yes.

Operator: Do you know if, does your husband know if he hit anybody with the gun? With the, with the, um...

Mercedes: Did you hit anybody with the gun [to Barcia]?

Operator: I mean, with the, did he

Mercedes: He said he's sure he did because the guy hit the floor.

Operator: Okay. [pause] Ma'am, we think you shot, we think your husband shot a police officer.

Mercedes: The lady says they think that you shot a police officer [to Barcia]. [Barcia, "No, it wasn't a police officer. It was a guy breaking in the house."] He says it was a guy breaking in the house.

Operator: Oh, the guy your husband shot was the guy breaking in the house?

Mercedes: [crying] Yes.

Operator: Okay. Just continue to stay in the phone with me, I'm going to let you know. He did put the gun up, right?

Mercedes: Yes. Yes, the gun is on top of the table. The clip is out.

Operator: Alright. Just stay on the phone with me until

Mercedes: She says to wait until, she'll let me know when to open the door [to Barcia]

Operator: Yeah, do not go out. Don't make any sudden moves because we have a lot of police officers in that area.

Mercedes: We have a friend [unintelligible] and she's crying.

Operator: I'm sorry? Say that again.

Mercedes: We have a friend, that woman [Hart], and she's crying.

Operator: Well, tell everybody to just calm down. I want you to continue to stay on the phone with me until the police get there and you can step out and speak with them.

Mercedes: [unintelligible, talking to someone else; crying] I'm imagining if it would have been a police officer, they would have been knocking on the front door and not on the back door of my house.

Operator: Well

Mercedes: Hard and very hard.

Operator: Alright. Just continue to stay on the phone with me.

Mercedes: [to someone else, "Calm down."] They're outside.

Operator: Hello.

Mercedes: Yes. [pause; to Barcia, "I just heard banging ... No, I'm fine. I'm fine."]

Operator: Hello?

Mercedes: Yes.

Operator: Okay. Just continue to stay on the phone with me until they tell me to tell you to have you or your husband step out and speak with them, okay?

Mercedes: [talking to someone else, "I heard that. They were knocking so hard on the back window ... I was like, they were slamming on the door very hard...]

Operator: Yes, ma'am?

Mercedes: Yes.

Operator: Just continue to stay on the phone with me, okay?

Mercedes: Yes.

Operator: The police, they're working something in that area so they'll be, I'm just going to stay on the phone with you until they tell me when they're ready for you to step out, okay? [pause; Mercedes talking to someone else] and you can't give me, okay. So there is someone who's been shot in your backyard? Is that what you're telling me?

Mercedes: Hold on. Hold on.

Barcia: Hello.

Operator: Yes, sir.

Barcia: How you doin' ma'am?

Operator: I'm good. how are you?

Barcia: Not too good. We've had a break-in. We've had stuff stolen before outside the front of the house.

Operator: Right.

Barcia: So, I'm sleeping. I'm just trying to get some sleep, and I hear pounding like they're kicking the back door in.

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