The Beach Welcomes All

Unless you happen to be a transgender black woman named Dana

By the convention's closing brunch the next day, Peña's cautious optimism had somehow morphed. The gay-friendly legislation was now described by speakers as a done deal. The city was hailed for its swift response and Dana Turner received a rousing ovation. Task force executive director Matt Foreman was pleased, even though Dermer had only expressed support for new laws, not enacted them. "The commitments that were made by the city would normally take three to four years in another community," Foreman says, "but on Miami Beach it happened overnight."

Turner returned to her job advocating for transgender prisoners with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project in Manhattan. She says she's working with lawyers from the National Center for Lesbian Rights to consider filing suit against the hotel and perhaps the city. "We haven't decided exactly what action we're going to take," she says. Her experience in Miami Beach may have been absurd, but she thinks it could lead to something productive. "A lot came out of this silly, senseless situation," she says. "To this day I think of it as hurtful and rude and it didn't make any sense. But I do see it as a victory."

They messed with the wrong gal when they hassled Dana Turner
They messed with the wrong gal when they hassled Dana Turner

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