Two local directors film the world through Miami eyes

Garcia plans to put out a DVD of his works -- videos that he has appeared in, like a clip for his recent single "None of Dem," or directed -- in the next several weeks. He has also submitted "Darkest Days" to Mun2 in hopes that the music channel will add the clip to its daily rotation of videos; it's under review. In the meantime you can see "Darkest Days" on Video Mixx, a music show that airs weekends on WVIB-TV, and at

From the desk of Mr. Basshead: If Garcia and Cegarra are precocious upstarts in music video production, then Chris Cunningham and Michael Gondry are its masters. The British-born Cunningham is best known for his video for Björk's "All is Full of Love," where two lesbian androids fuse themselves together through machinery and fluids; and Madonna's "Broken," a mysterious depiction of the Material Girl as a bewitching temptress. Gondry, for his part, recently won acclaim for his re-creation of the White Stripes as Lego toys in "Fell In Love With a Girl."

Iris Cegarra's electro world
Courtesy of Moloko Pussycat Factory
Iris Cegarra's electro world

Both directors have collected their works with fellow auteur Spike Jonze (who graduated to feature films with Being John Malkovich) for the Directors Label, a new DVD series being issued through Palm Pictures. Gondry's playfully eclectic disc features twenty videos for artists like Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers; childhood stories; a short film, "Pecan Pie," starring Jim Carrey; and a 75-minute documentary of his career. Cunningham's disc highlights considerably darker and more complex efforts. One short film, "Flex," finds two lovers fucking each other, then beating each other up; a popular video for Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" concentrates on a pair of garishly stereotyped gangstas -- one Mexican, the other black -- spouting out the word "nigga" in a nonstop, Tarantino-esque conversation. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

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