Can't Fight a War Without Money

And in the drug war, the money sometimes ends up in strange places

Still for John, the lawsuit, filed by Miami attorney David Markus, isn't looking good. The government has moved the case from Miami to the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., where a judge will decide on the merits of John's claims. Government lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the suit based on John's alleged drug-trafficking activities in Miami (even though he was acquitted). They also are citing a clause in the law dealing with the incentive program for informants. "The terms of the statute explicitly places within DEA complete discretion as to when an award should be made," the government's motion reads, "[and] at the discretion of the Attorney General." (Their emphasis.)

In other words, this John Doe is expendable, and like a merry-go-round, the war goes on and on.

Hadley Hooper

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