As for Gordon's analogy, yes, as a Jew I would indeed "fidget" at the prospect of a neo-Nazi rock band performing in Miami. And as a First Amendment loyalist and a proud, card-carrying ACLU member, I would defend with all my strength the right of that band to perform here, and the right of an agent to book the group, and the right of people to attend without being beaten with baseball bats -- even if, at the same time, I was protesting the booking and demonstrating against them. The First Amendment isn't just there to protect the expression of views with which we disagree. It's also there to protect the expression of views we find sickening.

Seth Gordon and his politician buddy could both use a course in constitutional law.

Richard Rosichan

Miami Beach

Gloria, My Passion

Her flaw is her strength and my obsession: What gorgeous writing about Gloria Estefan by Celeste Fraser Delgado ("Rewrapping Gloria," September 25). I have been a passionate fan of Gloria's for twelve years (I mean like every-hour-of-every-day passionate), and I have secretly known what the author expressed publicly -- Gloria's voice is sometimes thin. (Jeez, I can barely allow myself to write that.) Yet it's still a voice that captivates many millions of people. Celeste was right about why that might be. It's her we are responding to -- her example, her inspiration -- and somehow it wouldn't be as effective if she were perfect.

Great article. I am going to seek out Celeste's writing from now on.

Jay Williams

Spokane, Washington

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