The Ying and the Yang

Is there a method to the madness of Atlanta's most bizarre rap duo?

So now that we're aware of Kaine's experience, a childhood defined by gross physical pain and social alienation, let's take another look at "Naggin'," the first single from Me and My Brother. It's not your typical pimps and hoes polemic. It is slapstick, but it's also an honest hip-hop song about being in love, a self-deprecating look at weak men caught in terribly dependent relationships.

"Bwaah, bwaah, bwaah, bwaah, bwaah/She talking to me like I'm dumb," Kaine raps on the chorus in a drone that, truth be told, does make him sound autistic. His girlfriend sounds legitimately terrible, talking to him like she's "gotta hold his hand" and making fun of him "in front of [her] friends/Just to get a little laugh in."

If you are capable of empathy, feel for Kaine. This man has been unfairly dubbed dumb since boyhood and now this bitch goes and twists the knife? She knows damn well how deep that cuts. But maybe that conflict is what he wants. He probably appreciates the paradox and how it leaves the listener caught between happiness and sadness. For the Ying Yang Twins, balance is the goal in a genre dominated by party anthems.

Ying Yang Twins' D Roc (left) and Kaine make the ladies bounce
Colby Katz
Ying Yang Twins' D Roc (left) and Kaine make the ladies bounce

But Kaine is tired of talking about it. He's got a one-year-old daughter to get back to and, I'm guessing, another "Naggin'" girlfriend, the sort of lady that you can't live without but who enjoys pushing all the wrong buttons, a predicament most guys know all too well. "Life has both sides to it," he concludes. "You can't have one without the other, and that's what we're about."

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