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Chef Allen's proves the original is still better than the remakes

More proof that the original is always better than the remake came via the now omnipresent Floribbean standard: pistachio-crusted black grouper. The fillets were sparkling fresh, the nut crust crunchy and firm, and the smart adjoiners a fricassee of succulent rock shrimp, sweet bursts of mango and leek, and an ethereally delicious coconut rum sauce. Sauces are a Susser strength, whether it be the sumptuous vanilla beurre blanc lifting a rich Bahamian lobster and crab cake, or classic reductions smoothly steeped in deep, full flavors derived from professionally prepared stocks -- like the luxurious foie gras sauce draping roast garlic-painted filet mignon, or the sacred pool of Zinfandel-kissed demi-glace in which Dijon-crusted lamb chops marry a portobello goat cheese strudel.

Mustard sauce, once a staple of restaurants everywhere, has gone the way of fondue in recent years, but when you taste how well it complements a big, lush veal chop you'll wonder why it ever disappeared. The juicy chop arrived propped upon a sublimely executed pine nut risotto, a tangle of wild mushrooms completing the heartily rewarding repast.

Pastry chef Jennifer Brown puts out a textbook crème brûlée, and adds doodads like a chocolate-coconut truffle and buttery biscotti. Still $11 seems steep for even as deft a version as this, especially since the nightly soufflé, for two people, costs $16 -- on one occasion a roasted peach and Grand Marnier version sporting a voluminous golden cap that spouted steam as the waiter poured in a shot of crème anglaise.

Allen Susser: Still original after all these years
Jonathan Postal
Allen Susser: Still original after all these years

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Chef Allen's

19088 NE 29th Ave.
Aventura, FL 33180

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: North Dade


Open for dinner daily, Sunday through Thursday 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. Call 305-935-2900.
19088 NE 29th Ave (off Biscayne Boulevard), Aventura

The Kit Kat bar dessert is still as richly chocolatey, hazelnutty, and gimmicky as ever, lifted by an orange mint sauce and mini scoop of potent espresso. I am aware that small scoops of ice cream are in vogue, but I want a portion big enough that I can't put the whole thing in my mouth at once and still be able to talk coherently (or at least as coherently as usual). As it turned out, it was more difficult to enunciate with the ball of ice cream tucked into my cheek than I had supposed, but I did manage to blurt out (of the blue) a short declaration to those at my table: "Four scoops!" Rather ambiguous, as no one was quite sure whether it meant I wanted three more scoops of ice cream, I thought the restaurant deserved four of whatever-goes-one-to-four, or I was a bit batty from too much wine. In fact it was all of the above.

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