Art Basel is not the only time of year Miami has worthwhile art, so keep your art section running all year 'round. Do not underestimate our fellow Miamians! They like the beach, they like to party, but they like art too.

Marina Kessler

Miami Beach

Art Seen: Cheerful Candor

Why wouldn't I tell you what I really think? Dear me! Franklin Einspruch suffers from some arrogant naivete that is unforgivable ("Art By District," June 26). As a writer, he sucks. He should stop -- please -- including words from other languages; that just shows off his ignorance and pretension. And please, if he dares to write about art, at least he should judge himself as a painter (bad, bad copy of Freud turned into a good-intentioned "serious" abstract-figurative "artist"). Has he ever heard the word imagination? And he should at least try to be humble, because he really needs some guts to call himself an artist. But everybody knows how he is.

And Dorsch! Give me a break. Those shows are not curated. They're as bad as Einspruch's shitty abstract show that everybody complained about.

Pio Baroj


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