High as the Sky with Noelle & Drunk as a Punk with Nayib

The governor's daughter and the Estefans' son weren't exactly model students at Gulliver, but they had some serious fun -- and so did I

Gulliver still sports an impressive roster of high-profile types. The school continues to provide a good education, and maybe the teachers' heads keep turning. Maybe it's the status of some of the students that demands it. I wouldn't know. Sometimes the press and the popular Weltanschauung paint such a narrow picture of people that one can't tell what is what. Joey and Noelle haven't had the nameless/faceless advantage that blue-collars like Dirk and I have had to iron out our kinks. We've worked it out, this adulthood thing. We've left behind the bullshit and the fucking up.

Gossip on Nayib says he's making it in the music-video industry -- no doubt with a nudge from the old man -- but making it nonetheless, and stamping his name as director of his mother's DVD supplement to her new comeback album. The problems of youth aren't necessarily guided by socioeconomic parameters. It's who stops fucking up that separates us from the animals.

For Noelle, it's not so dulcet -- zany bar highs don't last that long.

Illustration by David Hollenbach
Illustration by David Hollenbach

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