Wednesday July 9 People who can't afford legal representation can stop worrying and start being happy. Conductor and annoying mouth-sound maker Bobby McFerrin is here to help. No, he hasn't changed careers and become an attorney. He'll just be in Miami to do a benefit concert for the Friends of Chamber Music, the Miami Chamber Symphony, and most important the University of Miami Law School's H.O.P.E. Project (Helping Others Through Pro Bono Efforts). The Chamber Orchestra of Hope, cellist William De Rosa, and McFerrin will play works by Prokofiev, Vivaldi, and Beethoven. De Rosa will play one cello on the Vivaldi piece and, oy, McFerrin will lend his voice as the other. Geez, there ought to be a law! Showtime is 7:30 p.m. at University of Miami's Gusman Concert Hall, 1314 Miller Dr., Coral Gables. Tickets cost $40 and $60 for the concert only; $100 gets you a VIP seat and entry to a private post-concert cocktail reception with the artists. Call 305-372-2975. (NK)

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