Letters from the Issue of June 5 - 11, 2003

Best Drag Queen, Best Free Publicity, Best Party Pooper

Judy Drucker

Concert Association of Florida


Best Party Pooper

No trance, no drugs, no extended hours, no fun at all: I write to you as counsel for Space 34, LLC, doing business as Space 34. A recent edition of your newspaper rated our client "Best Place to Roll on Ecstasy." We write to you to point out significant inaccuracies in your article and to insist that your publication publish a retraction.

By way of background, Space 34, LLC operates a nightclub located at 34 NE Eleventh St., Miami, Florida, the location mentioned in your article. It has been in operation for one and a half months. However, contrary to the implicit statements in that article, our client does not countenance the use of unlawful drugs on its premises. Indeed the principals of Space 34 make extraordinary efforts to keep unlawful drugs out of their premises.

As evidence of the significant inaccuracies in your letter, I would point out the following: 1) Our client does not play "trance music" as described in your publication; and 2) our client is currently only open on Saturdays and has not ever been open from Friday night through Sunday morning as described in your publication.

It appears that your confusion stems from your assumption that Club Space, formerly located at 142 NE Eleventh St. in Miami, is the same as Space 34. For the record, Club Space was owned by Parkwest Nightclub, LLC and, as referenced above, our client, Space 34, is owned by Space 34, LLC.

It is apparent that your publication failed to adequately investigate the facts set forth in this article. We demand that you retract the claims in that article so they are consistent with the content hereof.

Stuart A. Rosenfeldt

Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, Dolin, & Pancier, P.A.

Fort Lauderdale

Best Website Oversight

Only a hyphen separates a corny cowboy from a true artist: I agree completely that Jorge Moreno is one of Miami's talented sons ("Best Local Boy Made Good"). I saw him in concert and fell in love with his talent and charm, but I was very confused when I looked him up on the Web using the Website address provided (www.Jorge-Moreno.com) in "Best of Miami."

A Jorge Moreno I did not recognize, sporting a large cowboy hat and cheesy horse icons, appeared on my screen. I then checked Yahoo and noticed that our Jorge Moreno's URL is www.jorgemoreno.com. You see, there is no hyphen between Jorge and Moreno. Just wanted to set it straight for all the Miamians who are like, "Quién es ese vaquero?"

Damaris Pereira


Best Radio Rave

We may be a small college station, but we rock: We here at WVUM-FM's (90.5) Hip-Hop Shop greatly appreciate New Times for recognizing our show as the "Best Hip-Hop Radio Program." It is an honor to receive this accolade, and we look forward to continuing the tradition of real hip-hop culture.

George "g3" MTtellus


I Remember Hood

It was way back when South Beach was still quaint: Tristram Korten wrote a great article about John Hood ("The Dull and Dreary Nightlife," May 8). It reminded me of my meeting with John. I was new in town and working for Prince at Glam Slam. Late summer in 1994 the Beach was so different. It was like a sleepy little town with some very colorful characters we all looked out for. John was one of them. He wanted to host a reception in August or September 1994 for Tony Bennett. He was wearing the trademark hat and blazer, very nervous and jumpy. His ideas were all over the place and not in sync with what Prince was trying to establish at the time. The reception never came together and John never came back for a meeting.

I left South Beach and returned to Minneapolis in November 1994. I happened to be at home watching daytime television one day. Geraldo Rivera was on with a show about modern-day pimps. I looked up to see John Hood representing Miami -- as a pimp!

Thanks to Tristram for bringing back some great memories.

Beth Gillies

New York, New York

I Remember Hood's Genius

In a word, it was wasted: "The Dull and Dreary Nightlife" is the kind of article I look to New Times for. Having gotten a taste of John Hood myself, while representing crobar, I often wondered what happened to him. I admired his genius and definitely thought it was wasted.

Keep up the great work. Articles such as this will keep me reading the paper.

Dindy Yokel


I'd Like to Remember Hood's Escape

That's it -- he breaks out, heads back to the Beach, and crashes on your sofa! Tristram Korten's article was an excellent assessment of John Hood's personality. I hope Hood gets his book together in the clinker. Then somebody should get him outta there! Better yet, he should escape and come back to Tristram's sofa!

Rudolf Piper

Miami Beach

Hialeah Dreaming

Imagine that idyllic world in which public servants actually serve the public: I applaud Francisco Alvarado's article about Hialeah City Council candidates Vanessa Bravo, Cindy Miel, and Adriana Narvaez ("The Hialeah 3," May 1). It revealed the uphill battle faced by people who oppose Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez. The number of those people grows on a daily basis in our city. Here I want to add my response to the letters New Times published from Martinez ("Factual Error: I Do Not Control Absolutely Everything that Happens in Hialeah") and Hialeah Councilman Eduardo Gonzalez ("I Am Not Raul Martinez's Henchman").

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