Think Different

Could it be that this year's crop of summer movies actually requires a brain cell or two?

Ken Park Self-appointed chronicler of juvenile delinquency Larry Clark teams up once again with his Kids screenwriter Harmony Korine (himself a former juvenile delinquent, currently minus only the "juvenile" part except perhaps in sensibility). The story involves skaters, but this is no Grind -- expect Clark's usual heavy doses of underage sex, violence, and profanity designed to titilla ... er, shock you out of your suburban naiveté.

Ripley's GameMatt Damon, it seems, will grow up to be John Malkovich, in this adaptation of one of author Patricia Highsmith's sequels to The Talented Mr. Ripley. Tom Ripley's older, and married, but he's still a psychopath, and given that there were two subsequent Ripley books, he presumably still gets away with it.

The Secret Lives of Dentists Alan Rudolph's latest film centers on a married pair of dentists (Campbell Scott and Judy Davis), who may not quite be telling each other the whole truth. Denis Leary gets to play angry again in his own unique fashion, as a patient who lashes out at Scott in ways the rest of us terrified dental subjects can only fantasize about.

Sex is Comedy Of course it is. French director Catherine Breillat, who likes to shock and arouse audiences with sex and cruelty, delivers a self-reflexive parody of her own work in this film about a female director (Anne Parillaud) determined to get her lead actors to have real sex on camera.

The Three Marias So, these three girls named Maria walk into a bar ... Actually, it's no joke. In this Brazilian crime drama, the three Marias are sisters out to avenge the murder of their father and brothers at the hands of one of their mom's spurned ex-boyfriends. You'll feel better about your own family reunions afterward.

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