Special Treatment at Jackson

Miami medical bureaucracy begins to rival the school system

All of this brings us back to Kosnitzky and his questions. Kosnitzky was reduced to filing a public records request to the PHT staff to find "any public record relating to the calculation of the stipend allocated to each University of Miami faculty member" for the last two years. He was told that "there are no such records."

"The staff has refused to provide most of the information necessary to perform this analysis, and has also refused to provide other information in a format that Trustees can understand," he wrote in another searing May 6 memo. In light of the OIG investigation, Kosnitzky's next line speaks for itself. "One must also ask whether staff is properly representing the interests of the Trust, the County, and, ultimately, the taxpayers, given the refusal to provide this information."

Kosnitzky has his work cut out for him. At this point it's instinct for mammoth bureaucracies like the county government and Jackson, and a secretive entity like UM, to resist inquiry into how they operate. They're churlish by nature. And here we have three layers.

The only question is, how long can we afford to wait to change this?

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