I have not made a negative recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners on any incorporations or annexations that have occurred during my tenure. In the future, I would hope Mr. Dudley bases his articles more on factual information rather than anonymous insiders and anecdotal references.

Steve Shiver, manager

Miami-Dade County

Farewell, Sweet Memories

For me, the Lido Spa was childhood magic: Celeste Fraser Delgado's article regarding the closing of the Lido Spa in Miami Beach hit the right tone ("How Sweet It Was," March 20). It was funny as well as sad, much like the closing of the spa or any other major turning point in life. Social director Terry Ross (stage name, of course) is my Bubby (grandmother).

The Lido Spa holds a very special place in my heart -- memories of childhood adventures and wonders when I visited my grandmother during the holidays. To this day I get a shot of that childhood excitement and magic when I visit Bubby at the hotel. I grew up in a small north Florida town outside Gainesville that had more in common with Georgia and the old South than it did with South Florida and the old Jews. Everything and everyone at the Lido was in stark contrast to my Southern small-town life.

When I was a teen, I associated my visits to Miami with a show that was extremely popular during those years -- Miami Vice. Everything about Miami seemed exciting. Although it was fast cars and beautiful girls, the fascination was still fueled by what I felt as a kid at the Lido. I eventually moved to Miami after college and built many memories hanging out with my Bubby at the Lido.

The emotion I felt when I learned it was closing was similar to discovering there is no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny -- a moment in life when one of the many magical myths of childhood is replaced by the reality of adulthood.

Joshua Glanzer

New York, New York

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