One Man, One Vote, One Problem

Redland activists have a name for their inability to exercise self-determination: Steve Shiver

Indeed the enclave was a legal snafu. Redland activists, however, were reluctant to compromise when it came to proposed boundaries and who their neighbors would be. Shiver calls them stubborn. "If they'd focus on themselves," the manager says, "then we could push this issue forward."

But exactly what "forward" means is still up for interpretation. Shiver seems to think the Redland needs "a fresh start." Last year he personally asked Commissioner Sorenson to "reconfigure" the Redland's citizen incorporation committee. The Sorenson camp felt this meant including members of CARI. Shiver then went to Pat Wade's home and made the same request, calling for a "united front," which Wade believes is a euphemism for developer-controlled. Sorenson and Wade refused to act on Shiver's proposal.

"[Redland residents] don't want a Publix," Wade says. "They like their dirt roads. They want a rural community. They want the rest of the people to leave them the hell alone. This is 180 degrees from what Shiver, the bankers, the big landowners, and the developers want."

Meanwhile Shiver strains to sustain his public neutrality. "I think [Redland incorporation] has a place," he says, "just like any other incorporation has a place. But if we're going to incorporate, we're going to do so for the right reasons."

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