Letters from the Issue of April 10-16, 2003

Hector's mom, divide and conquer the black community, and hippies in Havana

Henry N. Adorno, chairman

Safe Neighborhood Parks

Citizens' Oversight Committee


You Won't Read This in Spanish

And that only aggravates our cultural divide: You have a wonderful newspaper and Website. I first read New Times when my father said there wasn't another paper like it in town or for miles. It's straight to the point, explores the good and the bad of Miami and its personalities/characters/ politicians, and stays true to the type of journalism I once learned in college.

So I ask: Why not give this opportunity to those who prefer to read in Spanish or those of us who love to read both in English and Spanish? Educating a community means educating a community with a great mix of backgrounds and languages. New Times can do Spanish too!

Laura Sanchez R.

Coral Gables


In Francisco Alvarado's story "Suits vs. Roots" (March 27), WQBA-AM (1140) was incorrectly referred to as La Cubanisima. The station's owners dropped that appellation several years ago. Ronald Mangravite's review of the play Floyd Collins ("Right Show, Wrong Crowd," March 27) misspelled the names of actor Tally Sessions and set designer Gene Seyffer. A new federal agency was misidentified in Francisco Alvarado's story "MIA: A User's Guide" (March 12). The agency is the Transportation Security Administration. New Times regrets the errors.

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