Letters from the Issue of , 2002

Andrew Bisantz

North Bay Village

Bill Hames: Man of Courage

The guy should be honored for doing the right thing: I enjoyed very much Tristram Korten's column about former Miami police officer Bill Hames ("A Cop Comes Clean," March 13). The courage required to face up to the gut-wrenching truth of one's own transgressions (not to mention the broken camaraderie from implicating other officers involved in wrongdoing) so as to do the right thing is far too rare. I have been disgusted at the reek wafting out of the Miami Police Department, and I relish events such as the appointment of a new police chief and the testimony of Mr. Hames.

I would like to send a message to Mr. Hames to personally acknowledge the guts he has shown in fessing up to the misdeeds he committed while on the force. I would in fact like to meet the man. In a world swarming with corrupt politicians, perverted news media, and criminal law enforcement, a man like this deserves a medal.

While I understand that, given recent events, Mr. Hames would be unlikely to advertise his home address and phone number, if you know of any way a message of encouragement and thanks can be relayed to him, I would appreciate it.

Richard Lander

Cutler Ridge

Bill Hames:

Man of Dishonor

The guy should crawl back under his rock: In reference to "A Cop Comes Clean," there are only two words in the entire English language that do justice to scoundrels like Bill Hames and his friend, retired Miami police officer James Campbell: white trash. Their past, their present, and their future make absolutely no difference, for these two were, are, and always will be nothing but white trash.

Paul Tobón

Cutler Ridge

Paper Successfully

Transitions from Spicy

to Bland

Liberated from tabloid past, free weekly basks in respectability: As always, I have religiously been getting my copy of New Times and recently came to the realization that something was missing. I narrowed it down to one thing: the paper's loss of Jim DeFede.

His columns conveyed the flavor and spice of Miami issues and politics. The current writers are very bland. Their work causes me to lose attention quickly. Mr. DeFede, on the other hand, clearly researched his articles and got under the skin of the issues and people he was covering. Sorry to say, but I no longer go out of my way to pick up New Times.

Carlos J. Garcia

Coral Gables

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