Letters from the Issue of March 20, 2003

Trading with Cuba and dying in the ocean's depths

Benedict P. Kuehne


The Ultimate Reality Show

Intense story, tragic end: I read "The Last Deep Dive" with growing fascination, pathos, and horror. A little twinkle came into my eye from the deeper resonances with the sea, love, the unconscious, this tragedy, and the next dive.

This story made me think about our own lives. Perhaps it was meant to do that. I live in a world of algorithms, manuals, and technology information flow. We humans used to live on land. Now we travel ever deeper and deeper into the ocean's depths.

This story was intensely interesting. It seems there is more, but I think just enough was said here. A delicate balance, real lives, the dangerous diving, and of course the sea. Wow. Great job.

Ray Uzwyshyn

Coconut Grove

Argentina's Self-Inflicted Misery

Don't blame America, and don't glorify Maradona: Where should I begin in correcting Javier Andrade's article about the Argentina-U.S.A. soccer match at the Orange Bowl ("Argentina 1; U.S. 0," February 13)?

First, Maradona will never be even a shadow of Pele! He never won a World Cup for his country. In fact at the World Cup in Italy, where Argentina took second, Maradona never scored a goal in the entire cup! Let Maradona stick to what he does best: cocaine.

Second, Argentina's economic losses in the last half-century had nothing to do with the United States or any other country. They resulted from the endless demagoguery and corruption of its own governments, democratic and military. The U.S. hardly assisted in the disappearance of 30,000 people during the Dirty War. Under President Jimmy Carter the U.S. maintained an embargo on arms sales to Argentina and many other Latin American countries. But try asking the French, who supplied Argentina with weapons and cattle prods!

One last thing. In 1982 I was twenty years old and volunteering to fight for Argentina in the Falklands War, like many other Latins did at our local Argentine consulates. Where was Javier Andrade? That war should have been won with or without outside help!

Frank Resillez

Key Largo

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