Letters from the Issue of March 13, 2003

Cuban trade, crabby cabbies, and peace marchers

With the help of the story's subject, attorney Rafael Velasquez, maybe we could come up with ideas to let people know of a date and time to meet. Maybe by distributing flyers or publishing an announcement in the paper with ample time. I really don't know, but I am sure English-speaking radio talk shows can get people out there just like the Cuban radio stations can. Let's get it going!

O. García

Coral Gables

Editor's note: Concerned People in Opposition to War in Iraq and other antiwar activists are planning events scheduled for Saturday, March 15, and Saturday, March 29, in Miami. For more information visit www.miamiforpeace.org or contact Rafael Velasquez at ravell@mindspring.com.

Dump the Dancing Boys

And cool off Carmen Miranda: I am the producer of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, which recently closed at the Coconut Grove Playhouse. I love Ronald Mangravite! Out of the three reviews that appeared for this show, his was the only one that was literate, incisive, and helpful ("The Avenue He's Takin' You To," February 27). He saw the flaws I know have existed all along as we brought this show to fruition.

For example, I was always unhappy with the Carmen Miranda number, and I fought to have it without dancing boys and with our Carmen not dancing but rather moving as the real Carmen did in her movies. I also know we need a stronger, less confusing opening. How I wish I'd had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Mangravite in person and discuss the show. His review will greatly help improve the production and, we hope, move it on to bigger success.

Corky Hale

Los Angeles


Owing to a reporting error in staff writer Kirk Nielsen's article "Dialogue: The Final Frontier" (February 20), Alianza Martiana leader Max Lesnik should not have been identified as el exilio's only liaison for a meeting with Cuban officials in Havana this April. Approximately ten local Cuban exiles are acting as liaisons in planning the meeting, among them Sylvia Wilhelm, Alfredo Duran, and Antonio Zamora.

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