Chasing the Yankee Dollar

Believe the hype, says Film Fest director Nicole Guillemet. Latin cinema is poised to conquer the U.S. with Miami as its gateway.

One of Guillemet's most impressive festival picks is El Bonaerense, a gorgeously shot portrait of an innocent abruptly thrown into the ranks of Buenos Aires's notorious police force. The movie is still looking for an American distributor, though its Argentine director, Pablo Trapero, remains upbeat even as he seeks funding for his next project, Rolling Family. Encuentros attendees such as HBO and Venevision have yet to bite, but Trapero says the trip was nonetheless worthwhile. Beyond the new contacts, he'd never pass on a chance to present El Bonaerense in Miami: "As much as Argentineans here want to know what's going on back in Argentina, I want to know what's happening with them."

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