Letters from the Issue of March 6, 2003

From Cuba and public debates to advertising and private parts

Criticizing is one thing. Whining and complaining are totally different.

Vin Amante is a European wine and cheese bar that offers culinary delights to complement a vast and very affordable wine list. It is a place for locals to relax in comfort and enjoy good friends and great wine. Leave the pretentiousness at home. Or go somewhere else and take Lee Klein with you -- please!

Mr. Klein mentioned a bad acid trip. Maybe he was already on a bad acid trip when he arrived at Vin Amante. Regardless, I think he should be aware if it is his "time of the month." If so, he should stay home where no one is allowed to enjoy himself.

Maria Cristina Velasquez


Anatomy for $400, Alex

Though rarely seen in public, they represent a lucrative source of revenue for cosmetic surgeons: I would like to express my indignation about an advertisement in your paper concerning labia minora reduction.

The implied condescension of defining labia minora seems to indicate a belief that most residents of Miami have a gluteus maximus between their ears. I therefore suggest that in order to put perspective on such a view, New Times should conduct a promotional contest in which entrants would be asked to explain what part of the anatomy "labia minora" refers to. The entrant with the most amusing response would win a free lap dance at Club Madonna.

I would also like to suggest that an entertaining jingle be used in future advertisements instead of the present offense. Something like: "When your labia minora become a majora problem, we can help!"

Russell Jones


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