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Dogfight Club: Disturbing but Necessary

While you're at it, maybe you can give the cops a tip or two: Thanks to Brandon Dane for writing his article about dogfights ("Dogfight Club," January 23). Although it was very disturbing, now it is out for all to know -- that is, those who want to know. I find it strange that Brandon could find his way to a fight but an undercover cop can't. Obviously they need to do more regarding this menace. They are failing on both fronts: protecting the animals and stopping criminal activities.

Carol Kallman

Miami Beach

Dogfight Club: Memories of Childhood

I remember the cockfights, so now I'm curious: I have to say "Dogfight Club" left me with a sense of disgust, but also a strange thought that I would like to witness such an event. I grew up in the Republic of Panama, and throughout my childhood I was taken to see cockfighting, which is perfectly legal. In fact I can remember one place that was a bar of sorts, with a small fighting ring and bleacher-style seating, and it seemed exactly like dogfighting described by Brandon Dane.

I was used to seeing the street dogfighters but not the organized kind. Fantastic story, though again, it has left me torn between disgust and curiosity.

Lee Olivares


Dogfight Club: In Memory of Dolly

She was a brutalized, innocent victim: My friend who resides in South Miami returned home from work to find her front gate open and her two pit bulls, Baby and Dolly, gone. Her seven-year-old son was grief-stricken.

Miami police found one of the dogs the next day following a dogfight they broke up. The dog stood in the rain, bloody and listless. My friend didn't recognize Dolly at first. About a week later someone returned Baby unharmed, for a reward of $500.

My friend spent weeks nursing Dolly back to health, hand-feeding her stew and trying to settle her nervous shaking. Her son did not comprehend why his dog had been stolen or why it was returned in such grisly condition. Her son cried every night before bed because his "doggie was in such pain." Two weeks ago Dolly was stolen again. And once more she was returned bloody and beaten, the apparent victim of a one-sided dogfight. Dolly died three nights later.

And yet the author of your article on dogfighting, Brandon Dane, has the audacity to write that organized dogfighting is "not really" making the world worse, and that he "can't honestly condone it or condemn it." Do me a favor, Mr. Dane. Come tell the little boy who is traumatized by the unnecessary and brutal death of his dog that the world is not worse because of dogfighting.

New Times will feel the backlash for having published such an irresponsible, reckless, and callous piece of "journalism."

Alexis Ciccone

Miami Beach

Dogfight Club: Quite Refreshing

Send that guy out to explore Miami's mean streets: Just when I was afraid that New Times had lost its edge, you guys had the genius to hit me with "Dogfight Club" -- and it was great. I particularly liked the witty reporting style of author Brandon Dane, and found his brand of smack to be quite refreshing.

Miami is fertile ground for a man with Mr. Dane's talents. As they say, there are eight million stories in the naked city. Let's send Brandon Dane out to tackle another one.

Charles Pennington

Union, New Jersey

Cuba Caper: I Dare You to Come After Me

Yes, I broke the law, and I'll do it again: I read with dismay Kirk Nielsen's story about the ordeal of Will Adams and his trip to Cuba ("The Will Adams Embargo," January 9). It is amazing that we still let a few crazy militant exiles dictate our foreign policy. Contrary to what our ignorant president believes, the Cuban Americans were not instrumental in getting him elected to office. Blame our Supreme Court and those folks in Palm Beach County who couldn't read a ballot.

Mr. Adams should keep in mind that nobody has ever been successfully prosecuted for simply going to Cuba. Most people were only scared into paying fines. He should log onto for more information on how to avoid paying fines.

I traveled to Cuba twice illegally and spent lots of money. And I will go back again. I challenge Office of Foreign Assets Control to come get me. Please use my full name and city.

Curt Bender

Dania Beach

Cuba Caper: Behold the Farcical Congressman

Deutsch carries a heavy load of hypocrisy: How Draconian! Will Adams is impaled by the Office of Foreign Assets Control for merely behaving like a tourist, while the bent-over-double-with-hypocrisy Rep. Peter Deutsch is allowed to visit Cuba secretly, violate Cuban law, distribute propaganda, and engage in farcical behavior -- all with the blessing of the U.S. government because he obtained a Treasury Department license.

The lesson learned is this: Your behavior doesn't matter. It's how you maneuver the bureaucracy that really counts. And all Representative Deutsch can offer when asked to intervene on Will Adams's behalf is: "I regret that circumstances preclude a more favorable reply." Machiavelli couldn't have said it better.

Scott Sutherland



In Alfredo Triff's "Sounds Like Art" (February 13), artist Edward Bobb, a.k.a. Needle, was incorrectly referred to as Bob Needle. New Times regrets the error.

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