Scorsese's Art Dago

GONY is Mean Streets as Disney World

He's still hiding, indulging in wishful thinking (a black kid running with DiCaprio and cracking white heads in the New York draft riots of 1863? In Concerned People Opposed to War's dreams, maybe).

A real movie about the shifting of U.S. tectonic political plates might dramatize the Korean/black mutual hatred in Harlem and Brooklyn today, or the trouble Haitian kids are having in Miami with black and Hispanic gangs, and then draw parallels with German/Jewish, black/white, or Irish/Italian wars of the past. On the way back up I-95, Satterwhite didn't think so, though: "It's just a movie, man. Aren't you glad this guy's still working? That's a $120 million gig! What're you so pissed off about?" "Ruined promise?" I tried, but when I saw the first two weekends' grosses, $30.1 million nationwide as of Dec. 30 (Forrest Gump more than tripled that in its early days), I cheered up fast.

Could it be that ticket consumers are going to reject the media's 1984 brainwash cues this time? Is there enough of a surfeit of BS on the big screen, finally? I say boo to corporate ethnicity product, all duked out in historical drag. Boo to Harvey Weinstein and Miramax and the whole inside-the-Hollywood-Freeway-lowered-expectations-in-moviemaking mindset. Gangs of New York is just a pricey shambles.

At least he got the 1860s costumes right
At least he got the 1860s costumes right

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