Looking Back in Regret

Something you may do if you miss this play

Director Bruce Lecure wisely opts for a low-key approach, articulating the story's key turning points, then letting his actors run with the show. He has also found quite a lot of warmth and humor in this play, despite its serious aspects. And he adds some nice touches of physical comedy, particularly a droll sequence wherein inept Kathleen wrestles with a recalcitrant ironing board as Brackish steams quietly in his reading chair. Thomas Salman offers effective lighting, while Steve Shapiro's evocative sound design blends distant foghorns with Bach and Vivaldi.

As is the Caldwell's style, Park Your Car In Harvard Yard is a soft, gentle play, one that's powered by character relationships rather than plot or high drama. And while this thoughtful, touching production is quiet, it is also potent, resonating well after the final scene. Some things are inevitable, to be sure, and regret may be among them, particularly if you overlook this show. Productions this carefully rendered don't come around very often.

Cary Anne Spear and Dennis Creaghan make less a lot more
Cary Anne Spear and Dennis Creaghan make less a lot more


Written by Israel Horovitz, directed by Bruce Lecure. With Dennis Creaghan, Cary Anne Spear, and the voice of George Merner. Through February 9; 561-241-7432.
The Caldwell Theatre, 7873 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton

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