The Honker Is Cooked

What's in a name? Not much when talking about the jet-setting Goose Club diners

Both Molloy's positive community attitude and his Brussels sprouts, cooked "from the heart," were a significant way to officially open the season, Goose Club-wise. A closing dinner, marking the point in time when snowbirds fly to Milan, will take place in the spring. Schroeder won't reveal which restaurant and chef will be doing the honors, but he hints it'll be an Asian theme.

He's also planning on escalating the group's gastronomic activities to include a goose hunt during the summer in Sweden or Iceland, after the season opens on August 22, as well as an inaugural nongoose-centered culinary outing. Come February, the Goose Club will be sailing in a regatta that brings a captain, a fisherman, and a chef together as a team. It's simple: The boat that catches, cooks, and serves a fish on board in under an hour wins. Later, back on shore, all the chefs will re-create their dishes for the dining delight -- and inevitable judgment -- of the club guests. Now if that event doesn't spark a whole bunch of fish stories to add to the budding Goose Club lore, then my name isn't Ishmael.

Jeremy Eaton

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